Top Bond Cleaning Responsibilities

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Want to know the Top Bond Cleaning Responsibilities?

Carpeted Areas

The most important areas to clean regarding getting your bond money back is the carpet. Dirty stains, discolouration and any build up of dust will not get your bond money back. Most tenants advise you to invest in hiring a carpet cleaning service or buying a manual steam cleaner.


Sinks, Cupboards and Shelves

What you’ll want to do is grab any surface spray around the house with a damp cloth and go through all the cupboards, shelves and sinks to remove any build up of dust, dirt or grime. This should remove any odors or smell. Also disinfecting all sinks and toilets to give them a nice shine like they are brand new.


Another section of the property to clean are the obviously the windows. You should always make sure that you clean both the inside and outside of the windows regularly, especially if you have kids that like to rub there fingers on them. Normal window cleaning products work fine, no need to buy expensive ones as long as you do a thorough job.