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Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

dishwasher with cup on rack

Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

dishwasher with cup on rack

Today’s helpful hint from the team at QLD Bond Cleaning’s Brisbane service is something very common in 99% of new houses today. A list of ways you can get your dishwasher smelling and performing much better!

Not many people think about how much build up of scum, bacteria and germs can occur. This happens inside the  item we trust to get our dishes and cutlery clean enough to eat with. All of the food scraps have to go somewhere, and often don’t make it quite all the way out of your machine.

It makes sense to thoroughly clean out the machine you rely on to keep your family healthy. Here are a few tips you can do regularly to freshen up, or deep clean your dishwasher.

Dishwasher Tips

  1. To freshen up your dishwasher weekly, run a cup of white vinegar instead of detergent on an empty, hot water cycle. This will help get rid of any odours from grime and bacteria build up.
  2. Take out the filter and let it soak in warm soapy water for up to 15 minutes. Rinse it out thoroughly and place back into the dishwasher.
  3. Regularly remove any build up of sludge or slime that collects in and around the seals of the dishwasher.
  4. Do not use too much detergent, it will build up over time and will not make the dishes any cleaner!
  5. There is a little circular cup that usually sits in the bottom of the dishwasher. This is called a trap and is there to stop chunks of food or plastic getting in and clogging up your pipes. It is essential to clean this out every time you use the dishwasher. Rotting bits of food sitting around will not help in keeping it smelling fresh.
  6. Always use the appropriate cycle for the load of dishes you are washing, and don’t overload it. It is false economy and you’ll probably have to run it again if the cycle was too short or the load was too large.
  7. If you live in an area known for hard water, it’s a god idea to run a de-scaler product through your machine every so often to break up scale deposits in your pipes.

By taking on these tips, not only will your dishes come out better, your machine’s longevity will be increased. Internal dishwasher cleaning is not usually standard in bond cleans. If you would like it done, have a chat to us and we can work something out! You’re always welcome to contact us at any time.


QLD Bond Cleaning in Brisbane!

qld bond cleaning brisbane gold coast, qld end of lease cleaning brisbane gold coast

QLD Bond Cleaning Brisbane

qld bond cleaning brisbane gold coast, qld end of lease cleaning brisbane gold coast After a short period of time away, QLD Bond Cleaning is back! We are now settled in our main office within the heart of Brisbane. This means we’re ready to provide the best bond cleaning Brisbane service around.

As well as having cleaning teams conveniently located in most areas, we are also able to provide certified pest control and steam carpet cleaning services. This means you can book all the usual services required when leaving a rental in one go. Not only time-saving, but money-saving as well!

Speaking of money, we know times are tough and money is tight, so we pledge to bring you the best and fairest bond cleaning rates. Did you get a written quote from another professional bond cleaning business that provides an identical service to us, cheaper? Let us know and we will beat their quote.

How Do I Book?

Good question. If you’re looking for a quote to get your end-of-lease clean done, you can directly contact us through our page HERE. Don’t forget to let us know how many bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas you have. This will help us give you an accurate quote with no surprises. Let us know if you want to bundle carpet and pest in with your clean and we will organise it for you.

Stay tuned for regular updates on services we provide, as well as hints and tips on how to help do some of the cleaning yourselves, or to maintain a clean house! Until next time!

Who is the Best Bond Cleaner on the Gold Coast?

figurine sweeping floor

You might be wondering who is the best bond cleaner on the Gold Coast – well it’s Queensland Bond Cleaning, that’s who!

Our Services

We offer a 7-day bond back guarantee – that’s how confident we are of the quality of our services. We know we will always get your bond back because we only use experienced bond cleaners who know what they’re doing.

We also offer a lowest price guarantee across the Gold Coast, but don’t think that low price equals low quality – we do an A-grade job every time!

We use QLD Certified steam cleaners, so you know your carpet will be spic and span! Our staff are fully insured. Our cleans also come with a professional invoice. We supply all our own equipment and commercial grade cleaning products. We also send out a team of 2 to 3 cleaners to make sure the job’s done quickly.

We do pest control as well, and are QLD licenced to do so. This includes a flea spray. One other thing you will notice when you use us is our high standard of customer service. From the moment we pick up the phone, to the moment we hand you the invoice, you will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. We pride ourselves on this.

What do We Clean?

Every booking comes with a free oven cleaning, so that’s one gruelling task you don’t have to worry about. We spot clean all the walls, clean the inside windows and their tracks, ledges and frames. We clean the ceiling fans, the air conditioners and filters, remove cobwebs, clean the inside of cupboards, skirting boards, light switches and power points, light fittings, wardrobes and cupboards, wardrobe tracks and mirrors, carpeted and tiled areas, and doors and door frames. When you need someone to clean it all, call us! Qld Bond Cleaning can handle it!

Best Cleaning Tips for this Spring!

Wow, it’s been a while. What a busy last couple of months we’ve had at QLD Bond Cleaning Gold Coast. But, no need to worry, we are back with better blogs than ever. To start the train of we are starting with the Best Cleaning Tips for this Spring!

We are going to be going through great methods to clean your walls, inside the oven, and even windows. Also we are revealing QLD Bond Cleanings secret method to removing the unsightly soap scum from your shower screen which has worked for over 15 years.

Firstly, one of the biggest tips we can give you for Spring is to actually go through your whole house from top to bottom and clean as much stuff as you can, have you ever heard of Spring Cleaning?It is good to set one weekend out of the year to just cleaning. If you don’t you will tend to prolong it, while the messes are building up without you realising.

The second tip, which is very important is being thorough with your cleans. Remember if you do a thorough clean from the start, it’s going to save you from doing more cleans in the near future. Be thorough, lift up furniture, life up kids everything.

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Standard End of Lease Clean Checklist

bond cleaning gold coast - broom on floor

Check out QLD Bond Cleanings Checklist


  • Oven and stove top fully cleaned
  • Splash back cleaned
  • Exhaust fan cleaned
  • Light fitting cleaned
  • Bench tops cleaned
  • Wipe down fronts of cupboards and drawers
  • Inside of cupboards cleaned thoroughly
  • Outside of range hood de-greased
  • Mop and or vacuum floor & cobweb removal
  • Window tracks and glass cleaned from inside


  • Mould removal
  • Shower including shower screens
  • Walls around toilet as needed washed
  • Mirror cleaned to streak free
  • Toilet inside and out sanitised
  • Light fitting cleaned & cobweb removal
  • Window tracks and glass cleaned from inside

Bedrooms, Lounge room & Dining room

  • Vacuum floors
  • Wardrobe mirrors cleaned
  • Wipe out wardrobe door tracks
  • Wipe down skirting boards
  • Cornices dusted
  • Light fitting cleaned
  • Wipe power points, light switches & around door handles
  • Cobweb removal
  • Ceiling fans cleaned
  • Window tracks and glass cleaned from inside


  • Mould removal
  • Shower including shower screens
  • Toilet inside and out sanitised
  • Walls around toilet as needed washed
  • Window tracks and glass cleaned from inside
  • Fronts of cupboards and drawers wiped


Top Bond Cleaning Responsibilities

end of lease cleaning gold coast

Want to know the Top Bond Cleaning Responsibilities?

Carpeted Areas

The most important areas to clean regarding getting your bond money back is the carpet. Dirty stains, discolouration and any build up of dust will not get your bond money back. Most tenants advise you to invest in hiring a carpet cleaning service or buying a manual steam cleaner.


Sinks, Cupboards and Shelves

What you’ll want to do is grab any surface spray around the house with a damp cloth and go through all the cupboards, shelves and sinks to remove any build up of dust, dirt or grime. This should remove any odors or smell. Also disinfecting all sinks and toilets to give them a nice shine like they are brand new.


Another section of the property to clean are the obviously the windows. You should always make sure that you clean both the inside and outside of the windows regularly, especially if you have kids that like to rub there fingers on them. Normal window cleaning products work fine, no need to buy expensive ones as long as you do a thorough job.